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LaPecus Leotto Smith aka P Rock, born August 18, is an American Rapper/Songwriter born in South Memphis raised in BHZ (Kings Gates Apartments) by Leotto Smith and Tammy King. P Rock began his music career at an early age. He started off writing poems on dotted lines that later found their way to compositions filled with musical instrumentals and variations of sounds.  P Rock found pleasure in writing for himself and other well known artists.  He  shared a lot of his musical journey with, as well as found much inspiration in his  his older cousin, Illya aka EZ who was later murdered. That funeral not only buried a physical body, but a musical spirit within P Rock as well.  After that tragedy, P Rock was uninspired to continue to craft anything poetic . It wasn’t until the birth of his son that he regained his motivation to get back into music. Today, P Rock is a well known in the south and trending everyday, gaining momentum  from north, east, south, and west of the USA as the music steady spins in rotation. He's a demand that screams, "We Want More!"After dropping the latest tracks from, "Out The Gates," in 2019,   streams are climbing weekly as the world continues to #followthedrip with #MrPRockOhLord !!